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University of Scranton Program Helps Teacher Climb Educational Ladder

High school teacher Brianna Perna earned her MS in Curriculum and Instruction 100% online.

By Bisk

Brianna Perna's drive for continuing her education is fueled by her desire to better serve her students.

She recently completed her Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction through The University of Scranton's 100% online program and is ready to use what she learned to better prepare her students for what they will face outside the classroom. 

"I want all my students to be prepared for college and the work world, so keeping myself in current education courses helps me better serve them," Perna said.

"I myself am a lifelong student, always trying to advance my career. I love developing myself as a professional and want to move up the educational ladder."

So when it came time to choose a degree program, Perna was sure The University of Scranton could help get her to the top rung.

"It was a fast-paced, no-nonsense program," she said. "The courses are relevant and to the point."

Fortunately for Perna, she was also chosen to receive a Bisk Foundation Teacher Education Scholarship, which covered a quarter of her tuition costs.

"My degree in Curriculum and Instruction will open doors for advancement in the classroom and possibly a leadership role as a department or curriculum supervisor someday," she said.

Perna received her bachelor's degree from Seton Hall University, where she majored in secondary education and social studies. After graduating, Perna worked as a substitute for Passaic County Technical Institute and St. Peter Academy, covering for teachers on maternity leave. She began her full-time teaching career after accepting a position at DePaul Catholic High School in Wayne, N.J., where she taught for a little more than three years.

Currently, Perna teaches social studies at Jefferson Township High School in Oak Ridge, N.J. She has taught an array of subjects, including U.S. history, world history, sociology, economics and constitutional law.

"Outside of the classroom, I have served as advisor of the jewelry and beading activity, History Club and Student Council, and for next school year have been asked to advise the Future Business Leaders of America," she said. "I also serve as the director of a summer enrichment program, which includes courses in study skills, mathematics, English and science."

Additionally, Perna will be spending the summer writing the sociology curriculum for Jefferson Township High. She has no doubt that the skills and tools she acquired during her graduate studies at Scranton, including creating a K-12 technology curriculum, will prove useful during her summer venture.

When it comes to her teaching career, Perna said she will always push herself to be the best she can be for her students.

"I am ambitious, so I am never satisfied with being stagnant in my career," she said. "There is always room for improvement and I do not settle for not doing my best."

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