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Careers in School Administration

By Bisk
Careers in School Administration

As an educator, every job need not involve the day-to-day instruction of students in a classroom setting. With professional experience and advanced educational qualifications, such as a master’s in education, career prospects can be magnified.

Consider these potential school administration careers:

School Principal

As the leader who supervises nearly every aspect of a school and campus, a principal has an array of responsibilities. Among a principal’s primary tasks is to identify the school’s objectives and provide the necessary direction to implement the programs, schedules, curricula and budgets to attain those goals. Other typical duties include:

  • Supervise all school personnel, including recruiting, hiring, mentoring and evaluating
  • Provide security and emergency plans
  • Ensure compliance with district, state and federal regulations
  • Communicate with parent and community groups, school board and district officials, and student committees

Vice Principal

A vice principal is a vital component of a school’s quality of learning. Duties can vary based on the specific tasks assigned by a principal but may include: planning, implementing, evaluating and communicating the school’s program goals and objectives, coordinating budgets and schedules, and facilitating organizational efficiencies.

Often, a vice principal is thought of as the administrator who handles school disciplinary issues.  However, the increased importance of standardized testing and teacher performance means that the role of a vice principal has expanded to incorporate curriculum development and faculty mentoring.

Athletic Director

As the administrator who supervises school sports programs, an athletic director must make sure that athletes are academically and otherwise eligible for sports, as well as supervise and train coaches, and coordinate schedules and facilities with other schools.

Additional duties can include being a conduit between the school and booster clubs, and working with the media to promote a school’s athletic programs.

In many ways, an effective athletic director is similar to a referee calling a good game – if the athletic director isn’t noticed then he or she is likely doing an effective job.

School Counselor

A school counselor has the opportunity to match students’ ambitions with their strengths. Under the guidance of the principal, a counselor supports the school’s mission by nurturing academic achievement.

Typical tasks can include monitoring academic performance and grades in order to ensure graduation, administering tests to gauge student needs, providing college and career counseling, and educating students about substance abuse and bullying

These professional educators have a broad set of skills, including being a good listener, and can juggle an assortment of tasks. Helping students reach their goals can bring tremendous satisfaction for school counselors.

Dean of Students

Supervised by the principal, the dean of students takes a leadership role in setting and enforcing school policies, working to create and maintain a school environment conducive to learning.

Duties can comprise implementing strategies to motivate students, maintaining a school discipline plan, supporting the teaching staff by developing classroom management programs, monitoring academic progress and attendance, ensuring school safety and communicating with parents regarding student behavior. In addition, some deans are responsible for student activities such as dances and other events.

Talented and dedicated educators seeking new career challenges may find many opportunities – and rewarding experiences – in a school administration role.

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