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MS in Educational Administration Curriculum

Requirements Credits
Research Course Requirement 3
Foundation Course Requirements 12
Educational Administration Requirements 24
Total 39

For the MS in Educational Administration, the research course requirement is 3 credit hours and the foundation course requirement is 12 credit hours:


Research Course Requirement 

Number Course Credits
EFND 506 Educational Research & Statistics 3
Total 3

Foundation Course Requirements 

Number Course Credits
EFND 516 Advanced Educational Psychology 3
EFND 521 Advanced Foundations in Education 3
ECUI 506  Curriculum Theory and Development 3
ECUI 542 Literacy and Diversity 3
Total 12

The MS in Educational Administration course requirement is 24 credit hours:

Educational Administration Requirements

Number Course Credits
EADM 501 Educational Administration 3
EADM 506 Problems in School Administration and Supervision 3
EADM 511 School Finance 3
EADM 516 School Law 3
EADM 521 Principal as Administrator 3
EADM 526 Principles and Practices of Supervision 3
EADM 531 Practicum in Elementary School Administration* 3
EADM 536 Practicum in Secondary School Administration* 3
Total 24

*The practicum with a site visit satisfies the capstone experience requirement for the program.  A one-time fee of $1,500 must be paid prior to the site visit.