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Online Faculty and Staff

The online faculty consists of skilled, practicing professionals from The University of Scranton’s 250-plus member faculty and administration staff. Together they hold degrees from 135 different universities in 30 countries and five continents.

The online faculty for The University of Scranton’s master’s degree in education program has been selected by the university based on their ability to work effectively with adult professionals, along with their academic qualifications. Their mission is to offer innovative educational opportunities, foster personalized education, and develop lifelong learners who contribute to their professions and their communities.

The faculty has successfully blended a curriculum offering a high quality graduate educational program that allows for practical academic theory while exploring issues that are professionally relevant. The program is specifically designed to provide immediate benefits to the adult professional. Whether it be for current positions or future goals, the comprehensive program offers innovative and flexible coursework. The online program is based on reflecting and adapting to the educational needs and busy schedules of today’s working adults. Professional students have the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree at a level and pace appropriate to their teaching experience - without sacrificing career momentum.

The online faculty is prepared to facilitate professional development and to contribute to the personal growth of all students. Throughout the program, professors emphasize building and mastering the skills of leadership, problem solving and creative thinking. By building self-confidence and gaining insight into evolving and relevant educational practices and theories, a solid foundation upon which to build successful careers is established.

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