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Why a Master’s Degree in Education?

One of the best ways you can boost your earnings is to get your master’s degree. In fact, teachers who hold a master’s degree can earn an average base salary of over $11,000 more per year, according to the Department of Education’s 2011 Digest of Education Statistics.

Excellent job opportunities are available for teachers as large numbers of teachers retire over the next 10 years. Better pay, improved job prospects - these are just a couple of the exciting results teachers can expect to see! Education is fast becoming a burgeoning field, and an advanced degree is one the best ways to ensure a secure and rewarding future.

Higher Education Has Its Benefits!

  1. Higher Earning Potential - The Department of Education’s 2011 Digest of Education Statistics shows that full-time teachers in public and private elementary and secondary schools who obtain a master’s degree can take home an average of $54,810 annually. This is an indication of the increasing value that businesses, as well as schools, are placing on the education of their employees today.

  2. Flexible Classes - Courses have been carefully designed to fit your busy schedule, both professionally and personally. You can complete your degree completely online, from any Internet connection.

  3. Advanced Leadership Skills - The knowledge gained through our master’s degree program can enhance your effectiveness as a teacher and help to define your career advancement. It will sharpen your skills in critical administrative areas, giving you the self-confidence you need to become a true leader in education.

  4. Personal Fulfillment - A master’s degree can help unlock a professionally and personally rewarding future. Education is the foundation upon which you can build lifelong professional and personal achievements. The master’s degree in education is designed to enrich your personal life, as well as to keep you informed about the constantly changing world around you.

Prospective students are encouraged to conduct independent research to determine actual earning potential as salary potential may vary depending on location, experience and education level.