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Master’s Degree Tuition

Master’s Degree Tuition

Master’s Degree Tuition
Master’s Degree Tuition


The University of Scranton is committed to helping students from all financial backgrounds achieve their educational goals. 

Take this opportunity to receive the education that can give you the best chance to succeed in today’s competitive job market – without interrupting current work or family responsibilities. Call a program representative to discuss enrolling in the classes you have been dreaming about and for help selecting the finance option that best suits your needs.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is $510 per credit hour, which is $1,530 per course (3 credit hours). Students are also assessed a graduation fee of $100.00 payable to The University of Scranton. The graduation fee is required, whether or not a student attends commencement exercises. Diplomas are awarded at May commencement only. In addition, University policy prohibits issuance of diplomas and transcripts if students have an outstanding balance. Books and materials are additional. For students completing the Educational Administration program and the Curriculum and Instruction programs, during the required site visit during the practicum(s), there will be an additional fee of $1,500. Please contact your program representative to determine if this will apply to you. Your tuition cost may be tax deductible so contact your tax advisor for more information. For information about the program, please contact a program representative at 800-605-5346