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Not all master’s degree programs are equal. The University of Scranton has been repeatedly ranked by U.S. News & World Report in the top 10 regional universities in the North. Our flexible online format provides you the opportunity to get a career-boosting master’s degree at your convenience. Read about actual students’ online learning experiences below, then take the next step and create your own university success story by enrolling in The University of Scranton online.

The Voice of Our Students

Every student has a voice, a goal and a dream. We are proud to facilitate their journey.

“I began my master’s program during the Spring 2007 semester. Throughout the program, I received a great deal of support from the professors and fellow students. There are many advantages that come along with the online learning experience, including the opportunity to have a flexible schedule. As a mother of three, I was able to work independently when and for as long as I wanted. This allowed me to accomplish all the requirements in less than two years. I am proud to have graduated in May with a 4.0 in every class. I attribute that accomplishment to my own dedication, but also to the support of the faculty and the interesting curriculum. I am extremely pleased with the Educational Administration program at The University of Scranton and look forward to using what I have learned in my future career.”

Allison Chua
Educational Administration

“I chose The University of Scranton for the quality of the program, which I think is fantastic. I would highly recommend this program to other students. Overall, the quality of the teaching staff was exceptional. I really got a lot out of ALL of my courses. There didn’t seem to be any busy work, but real curriculum projects that I could use with my teachers. I am presently the English Curriculum Specialist for my district. I plan on doing more consulting work and my MS gives me more credibility.”

Debora Stonich
Curriculum & Instruction

“I have always been encouraged by the thankful words of parents and students. I would like to thank you and the entire online faculty for providing a high quality education. I have passed both the PRAXIS exams and the New York State exam for certification as a school building leader. The rigorous coursework provided online by the university prepared me well for these certification exams. Earlier this week, I was appointed to be the elementary principal in a small rural school in upstate New York. As with the exams, I attribute my successful job search to my preparation through The University of Scranton.”

Ron Burke
Educational Administration

“I chose the university because it has a great reputation and accreditation. The university worked with me (a working teacher) to help me complete my master’s degree online at my own pace and convenience (there was no pressure to take more than one class per semester). I am continuing at my position of early intervention/preschool teacher, now with a pay raise for completing my master’s. The online format was the only way I could earn a master’s degree while working and raising a family; it was very convenient for me and I could work on the assignments and class work at my own pace each week. The university was very flexible about what classes I wanted to take next and how many I wanted to take each semester. The professors for each class were very helpful, answering questions and being available at all times. Don’t wait any longer – just enroll in the online master’s degree program and get started. You will not regret it. It was the best decision that I have made, and I am very glad I did it!”

Tracy Lynn Shade
Curriculum & Instruction

“In the present fast pace of society, The University of Scranton provided me with the opportunity to complete my master’s degree conveniently and quickly. Juggling time constraints as a father, husband, math teacher and basketball coach, I found Scranton’s online program provided the forum to work on my own time and pace. Upon acquiring the Master’s degree in Educational Administration, I saw many doors opened to apply for administrative positions in my school district. Also, based on the information I learned while in the master’s program, I was able to pass the Florida state test for educational leadership, a requirement for becoming an assistant principal. I have also developed many contacts and resources for use when I become an administrator.”

David Wayne Simpkins
Educational Administration

“I believe that The University of Scranton online courses were great and allowed me to get my master’s degree while still being a full-time teacher, mom and wife. They were rigorous and prepared me to become a school administrator. The professors were always available to share their vast amounts of educational experience with me. Every class I took provided me with current educational trends, laws, etc. At no time did I feel like I was missing out on a traditional master’s program. I was able to network not only with my professors, but fellow classmates from all across the United States, gaining valuable knowledge! As a teacher taking graduate courses, I was able to transfer skills learned online right into my own classroom. Taking classes through The University of Scranton was not only convenient, it prepared me to become a capable, qualified, confident administrator! I have nothing but positive feelings for every aspect of The University of Scranton … from the registration process to graduation … everything was a smooth success!”

Cristy Lopergolo
Educational Administration